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As always Hotsos started off with a nice keynote, this time done by Tom Kyte. Tom Kyte was introduced by Hotsos president Gary Goodman after the HOTSOS 2010 opening. Tom’s keynote theme was “Should we be less smart some times”. Tom told about own experiences, that he in the past gave sometimes too fast an answer. It is very important to think about an answer before giving it… Why? Well some things applied in the past or for a specific version, and now they don’t anymore… this can be a problem, a real issue. Always make sure you talk about the same definitions, and agree on them. Make sure talking about the same version and of course about similar circumstances. When you start giving answers in general be sure to work with facts and not some assumptions which might be wrong. So you should always think about the information, about the circumstances and the assumptions you do, it means “Continuous Thinking”.

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The Oracle Database Machine – love and hate

At Oracle Open World I had after the keynote from Larry Ellison the opportunity to see the machines where everybody was talking about. Marco (the XMLDB guy) found out where they were, so Marco and me went to Moscone North and found the machines in their full glory… (a bit exaggeration, but to be honest as a former worker at IBM it still gives me a good feeling to see this kind of technology…).

At the moment we really went close to the machines, a security officer gave us some signs that we were not allowed to cross a line I didn’t see before. Anyway still looking at the machines from a small distance and making many pictures…

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