GAPP version 2 will be present at HOTSOS 2011

The last couple of months I have worked very hard on method GAPP and have finally made a very big improvement to it. In the past GAPP was only able to pin point where in the architecture the biggest variance in response time was caused. The improvement to GAPP makes it now also possible to find within certain error also the service time per measured component in the architecture. The point is that sometimes the component causing the biggest variance in end user response time is not always the component responsible for the most service time of the total response time.

The second version of GAPP has now an extra step inside the method, which is “data modeling”, the data is first modeled by using normalized response times for different amount of servers by using the Erlang C formula. Next to this data mining is used with a generalized linear model and ridge regression, to solve near collinearities in the data. With this extra step in place the prediction of service time and wait time per measured component became possible. When I first verified it against real system data I was really happy to find out that it works very well. More information will follow soon in blogs and hopefully for the end of this year in a white paper.

I am very happy I get the opportunity from Hotsos to be able to present it next year in march 2011. Via this way I also like to thank everybody who inspired me and made this possible, especially Cary Millsap and Dr. Neil Gunther.

The link to the presentation abstract:



GAPP Performance Method at HOTSOS 2009

For some months ago (october 2008) I wrote an abstract for a paper to present at the HOTSOS 2009 symposium. Although I hoped I was selected to give the presentation, I was not selected by Hotsos. This was a pitty but looking at the people and the presentations who made it to the agenda of the HOTSOS 2009 symposium, it would have been very special to be there also. Due to the high quality of the sysmposium and the fact that it is the place to be for every performance geek out there, I planned together with my collegae Marco Gralike a trip to the symposium this year only as an attendee.

Last week I received unexpectedly an email from Cary Millsap with a very special opportunity within. Cary asked me if I was still interested in presenting at the comming symposium and although very little time I said of course YES. So although late I was added to the HOTSOS 2009 symposium agenda to give a presentation called “Practical Use of Method Gapp to Find Performance Bottlenecks for Business Processes in Complex Architectures”

I hope personal that I will give a presentation wich will be equally or even more interresting than the one I gave at the HOTSOS Symposium 2008. As a last word I really like to thank Cary Millsap for this opportunity.

Regards, Gerwin

Miracle Benelux organizes MasterClass with Cary Millsap and Jeff Holt

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Wednesday 10th, December 2008

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