Mining AWR data with Method-GAPP, profiling response time of end-user processes

In a lot of cases you like to know which SQL, wait-events, metrics, etc. in AWR is important for your specific end-user process response time. So it could be very well possible that the most important SQL, wait-events, metrics, etc. are show-in up in your “Top Activity” in your OEM grid control and AWR reports are actually not the most important for your end-user process response time.

After you know the share of time of your end-user process is taken by the database server (Method-GAPP primary components),  you actual can use all the AWR (and ASH) information as secondary components as input in Method-GAPP (see the white paper). Basically we simply can use the “Data Mining – Explain” step in the method and create a factorial analyses as shown below (see the white paper).

AWR data used with Method-GAPP

AWR data used with Method-GAPP

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The Official Method-GAPP Whitepaper can be downloaded

After a long time of not able to finish my whitepaper, I finally finished it. Just struggling with time constraints made it hard to get my whole method on paper. I really wanted to have it finished before I would present the new improvements on the method at the HOTSOS Symposium 2011. In a couple of hours at 13:00 Dallas time I will do my talk based on the whitepaper and really hope I get a packed room of people.

Of course I hope the audience will see it’s potential and I will be able to put the message in the presentation as good as possible. I am just nervous on the demo I try to give… As some people may recall from HOTSOS 2009 I had a big issue with my laptop and in the end started 10 minutes late without a demo. So really hope this time everything will go smoothly.

The presentation will also become available on the blog, but for now you can download the official Method-GAPP whitepaper in the download section. As a last note I like to thank Cary Millsap and Dr. Neil Gunther for their inspiration and support.