Erlang formula’s programmed in PL/SQL

Since a long time I am busy using queuing formula’s to be able to calculate cpu queue’s and I/O queues. One of the big problems I was facing that the formula’s I like to use on big data sets with my GAPP analysis were only available in perl. For a long time I was using proximity functions to avoid the perl programmed Erlang-C formula and some other. Last weekend I just had the time to start programming the formula’s in PLSQL, just to have them easily accessible in my database. After finish programming the package I realized that the package can also be very handy for other people, so I decided to create this blog. The created package has the following important functions: Erlang-C, Erlang-B, Response Time in multi-server environments (ErlangR in the package), Queue length in multi-server environments (ErlangQ in the package) and Response Time in multi-queue environments like IO (paratqr in the package).

The formula’s are described in the book “Analyzing Computer System Performance with Perl::PDQ” from Dr. Neil J. Gunther 2005. In the source of the package are the exact locations in the documentation documented. Continue reading